Forum Rules


Overview of the Forum Rules & Website
The forum is primarily for those with liberal to moderate political views who are Democrats or would consider voting for a Democrat. As such, the forum rules are designed to favor such discussions. Conservative viewpoints on issues are allowed as long as they are respectful & fact based.

Our rules are considered a "living document" and may be tweaked and updated over time as the community grows and evolves. The rules can be viewed in many different formats from a simple\quick overview to a full detailed list. Our forum rules also have their own forum where members can discuss, give opinions or debate the various rules.

Be Respectful Towards Other Members
No rude or vulgar attacks against specific members or a group of members in the community. No attacks of a personal nature outside the scope of the forums (such as age, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, etc...).
Respect the Community Experience
Do not do things that diminish the community experience of our members. This includes trolling, spamming, purposely being disruptive or anything that may be bothersome or annoying to a large number of our members. Use common sense here.
Do Not Violate Civil Laws
The main two things to watch out for are copyright law and defamation. Do not post entire articles in our forums as the author owns the work and it is copyright violation. Post no more than 2-3 paragraphs and include a link to the article you wish to cite or discuss instead. Also, be aware that you could be liable for what you write on the Internet and be the target of defamation lawsuits. So avoid non credible or unfounded attacks or harassment of people, businesses or groups.
Do Not Promote or Engage in Illegal Activity
This is obvious. No threats of violence against other members or public figures. No harassment of other members. No promotion or endorsement of illegal activities. No attempts to harm the website.