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What Perseverance has done so far.

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    The Perseverance rover has been on Mars for almost a month. I know it hasn't been long, but what has it been able to accomplish so far? Well it started by running multiple tests in preparation for its next mission, and unfurled its mechanical arm. They're call it "Percy" now, which I think is more than fitting. Late last week it dropped it's "belly pan" which is the protective covering that protects its sampling system. With its advanced imaging and audio, it was able to record and beam back new images and sounds never seen or heard before.

    Pretty cool huh? It's supposed to make its way to a spot where it will test its on-board helicopter Ingenuity. Really looking forward to that.

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    Ohhh this reminds me of vid I watched a few weeks ago that I'd think you'd really enjoy, goes with your post.

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    Perserverance is one of the coolest missions we've had so far. The entire purpose of this mission is to search creators for life on Mars. I can't think of a cooler mission we have put together. The Titan mission is my favorite but we're still years away from that.