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vaccine appointment checklist - do's and dont's

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    The CDC has a page on their site dedicated to what you should and shouldn't do before, during and after a vaccine appt. Let's do over that right quick.

    What you should do:
    - educate yourself on all the approved vaccines, what they are and how they work
    - continue taking any medication you normally take and don't discontinue use for fear of interaction the day of your shot
    - at appt, both you and the healthcare workers need to wear masks
    - after you get the shot, keep your vaccine card for your records (it tells you which shot you got, when, etc)
    - after your shot make sure and stay for the recommended monitoring time (your healthcare worker will inform you)
    - ask about v-safe and the app (its free and gives personalized health check ins and reminds you to get a 2nd shot)
    - keep your 2nd shot appt even if you had side effects UNLESS the doctors says otherwise
    - get your 2nd shot if needed on the recommended time frame (Moderna 28 days at your first one, Pfizer 21 days)

    What you shouldn't do:
    - take over-the-counter meds to counteract symptoms, so don't take ibuprofen, aspirin or acetaminophen beforehand unless you already take those on a regular basis; basically don't take anything for the sole purpose of staving off symptoms as they are not 100% sure how these meds effect the vaccine effectiveness
    - same goes for allergy meds like antihistamines, don't take anything you don't already take regularly
    - don't get any other vaccine shot for 14 days after receiving this one, not even a flu or shingles shot
    - same goes for other vaccines, wait 14 days until you get the virus shot if you already got another kind of vaccination shot

    There's a little more on the site and they go into more detail but thought this checklist would help those preparing for their first and second shot appointments.

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    Is there anything you should or shouldn't eat or drink afterward?
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    Thanks for the list. Im sure people forgot stuff like this normally, but especially for getting this particular vaccine. Everyone just wants it so fast so will be in a hurry to get get it done when it's their chance. It's easy to forget stuff like this when you're in a hurry or just squeezing it into your day.