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Can vaccinated people be around each other normally?

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    I'm still pretty confused about all this. Every single day there's new information that slightly changes the day that it was before. In this case it's good that we're able to even ask this question, but again I'm still confused by it. So can people who've been completely vaccinated be around eachother like normal again? For example, can one fully vaccinated person hug another fully vaccinated person and not have to worry about catching/spreading it? I still don't really know the answer to this question. I know that it's much, much safer this way. But does it make it advisable or still the same?
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    Good question. The CDC outlines what's currently advisable after you get a vaccine. They do say you can be indoors with other fully vaccinated people without needing to wear masks. But they still advise social distancing until more information becomes available.

    They have more explanation on that page and it's a worthwhile read. So I think it's OK but definitely read that and interrupt it given whatever specific situation you are considering doing that's more normal.

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    Wish I wasn't so cautious. I too think its probably fine but I won't be for the time being. I'm waiting for more to get vaccinated.