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Chuck Schumer wants everyone to buy an electric car

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    Chuck Schumer recently said he wants everyone in America to be driving an electric vehicle. A snippet of his plan is something like he wants you to trade in your current gas vehicle for a "big" rebate on an electric vehicle. I completely agree with his sentiment, but man do I hate it when politicians say stuff like this. It's not that easy for everyone to just go out and buy a car, especially a pricier electric car. This is most likely just a pr statement that won't ever be put into play. I'm sure he has some sort of plan laying off to the side that won't make it to the floor.

    This would be an enormous help for the environment that I'd love to see happen though. I remember the cash for clunckers deal did really good. Something like that can happen here too. If everyone in America drove an electric vehicle instead of gas im sure that would make a huge difference.

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    Its not practical for EVERYONE to have one, yet. I want one but hard to have one when you live in an apt for example. Instead of demanding we all buy new cars how about we focus on electric car infrastructure first??
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    Looking and waiting for a $20-30k Telsa myself. That's when I'll consider making the switch. And hell, that's even a little more than I'd like to spend on a car. I usually go for the 15kish used ones. So, no I'm not down for a $50-60k new car purchase right now, even though they are very cool and a tax break would be nice. If Chuck wants them to go mainstream, let's ask Tesla and other manufacturers to make sub $20k options and give it some time.