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I'm not vaccinated yet, but I'm ready to visit my family again

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    It's been over a year since I've stepped foot on an airplane, hugged my parents, and visited friends in my hometown. I've been as cautious as reasonably possible this past year plus, but now that the vast majority of the most vulnerable people in our country are at least partially or fully vaccinated I'm ready to go back home and see my family members in real life and not through a computer screen.

    My parents are vaccinated. My grandparents are vaccinated. Heck - my brother who works in a hospital is vaccinated. I'm all about wearing my mask, avoiding large crowds, and not socializing indoors with a group of people outside of my household, but I'm young and healthy and ready to see my parents again. So my wife and I have bought an airplane ticket for the first time since February 2020 and are going back home in May. Hopefully we'll be vaccinated by then, but we're willing to take a calculated risk if we aren't.

    We're young(ish), healthy, and are visiting people who are fully vaccinated. Are we crazy, selfish, or justified in wanting to see our family in the flesh for the first time in over a year?

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    There's alot of people in this situation right now. We're so close to being able to visit family and stuff again without worrying about it.
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    Yeah, I've visited my family a few times. I did, however, decide not to attend Thanksgiving or Christmas last year mostly because I wanted to protect my grandfather who is nearly 90.