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Millions of germaphobes were created this year

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    I've been a germaphobe my entire life. I hate going to restaurants and touching the menus, the glasses, silverware, the chairs.... everything. I even feel similar to my own house. I just don't like germs and do whatever it takes to atleast feel like I'm controlling them. When people found this out about me they'd usually give me a little bit of a hard time about it. They'd say you can't control it and to get over it. Well.... I bet some of those people are now changing their thoughts after this year. They've pretty much been forced to live like a normal germaphobe for almost a year now and the thoughts will probably now never leave their mind. Not saying that's a great thing, but it's a little nice knowing that people can better understand it now. I wonder how many people are now forever germaphobes after this year.
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    Doesn't change my outlook on germs really at all. Avoiding contact with stuff isn't the ultimate answer. Boosting and maintaining a healthy immune system is. Life's not meant to be lived in a bubble.