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Should I upgrade to 5G now or wait?

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    I'll be honest. I use my mobile phone to text, read a few articles while I'm "bored" (in a line a grocery store, waiting for a coffee order, etc.), and to check the weather before heading out on a walk or run. If I really think about it, my phone is logged on to my home wifi network far more than not. I've always been quite happy with my 4g network reliability, but now I'm getting inundated with "deals" to upgrade my plan to one with 5g.

    It's not that I can't afford an upgrade, but I honestly don't know if I need that upgrade considering how I use my phone. I don't play games, watch movies, or stream anything other than Spotify (which I actually listen to in airplane mode so I'm not interrupted during my exercise). So do I really need this upgrade or should I just stick with my reliable 4g until I'm basically forced to switch?

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    With that kind of network usage (which is close to mine btw) you certainly don't need to. Eventually you'll be forced to as every phone on the market will be a 5g phone but 4g isn't going away anytime soon. So you're good until you actually need a new device. We still have 3g service out there and even 2g I believe, it's just that they don't make many or any 3g phones any longer. Or should I say most phones are 4g now but of course they can still use lower bandwidth towers when they need to.