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lhc data suggests 5th force of nature

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    I won't get too off into the woods least I not get any replies here but thought that this was worth discussing. The Large Hadron Collider has produced data that suggests the Standard Model in physics, which has been our way of basically understanding the nature of reality for decades, might not be good enough.

    Or said another way, they think there is possibly a 5th force of nature that we don't understand at all.

    Basically in one of their experiments that found that 'beauty quarks' aren't decaying with the same probability as electrons and muons, and this suggests there very well is an entirely different law of physics at play here, beyond the big 4 (being gravity, electromagnetism, and weak and strong nuclear forces).

    Intuitively checks with me. I feel like are understanding of the 'forces of nature' are only no where near complete. But would be wild for Science with all their scrutiny to actually discover, name and normalize a 5th one in our lifetime.