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Vaccines shown to prevent infection, not just protect against it

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    More great news continues to come out on the vaccine front after it was reported that the two main vaccines being administered in the United States are not only effective against the virus and the current strains, but also have shown to prevent infection from the virus in the first place. That means, if this turns out to be scientifically proven with further research, a fully vaccinated individual will be highly unlikely to pass the virus onto a non-vaccinated person.

    Put more succinctly by UC Santa Cruz infectious disease researcher Marm Kilpatrick, “[I]f you can’t get infected, you can’t infect anyone else, which means the vaccines can reduce transmission as well as the disease.”

    This news is even more important, at least in my opinion, than the fact that the shots are so effective. Not only are these shots very effective in preventing serious illness from the virus, but they prevent the virus from being spread further.

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    I heard rumors of this early on and hoped it was true as this means vaccines are viable on two fronts to stopping the spread of the virus, making it even more imperative a vast majority of us get shots.
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    Early reports out of Israel suggest 90% reduction in asymptomatic transmission, with the Pfizer shot. But CDC isn't going to say anything definitive until at least the summer, that article says anyways. Need more data.