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Multiple Bodies of Water Found Underneath Surface of Mars

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    Man.. This has been a great month for space exploration. Just a week or two ago we found very, very strong evidence of alien life in the upper atmosphere of Venus. This find lead to the head of NASA and other space agencies changing plans to favor a mission to Venus asap to validate the findings.

    Now we have this news of Mars. Basically, several bodies of water have been found underneath the surface of Mars' south pole. This discovery was made using the MARSIS (Mars Advanced Rader for Subsurface Ionosphere Sounding) technology that is onboard the European Space Agencies - Mars Express spacecraft.

    This is huge news. It also gives credence to another paper published not long ago that there could be massive underground lakes/oceans underneath the surface of Mars, though the study wasn't taken all that seriously at the time. The thought was that the sonar equipment being used to determine the presence of liquid water wasn't exactly perfected, thus the chances of actually finding the liquid wasn't trusted.

    It's really nice to hear we're discovering so much lately. I hope this goes on in full force this year and we keep getting these awesome and groundbreaking announcements. Here's the full paper for those who like to read the entire report.

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    This is amazing news! Thanks so much for sharing! If there is or was life on Mars, the evidence will most certainly be found in these bodies of water.
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    Well, the new rover they are sending would be pretty capable, I reckon. It also depends on how deep under the surface these bodies of water are.