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  • Mar 29, 2021 10:23 PM
    Last: 1yr
    Has anyone noticed that their weather apps or the local weather channels are basically just guessing at this point? I check my weather app on a daily basis and I would say that it's a 50/50 shot if it's going to be right. The only thing I can really rely on anymore is if it tells me that there's a sever storm heading my way or update me on if it's already in my area. That's pretty much it. I don't blame this on the meteorologists at all. I blame this on the weather itself is becoming more and more unpredictable. We've gotten to the point where the climate is starting to get a bit wild. We all know why it's gotten to that point, so I won't get into that. I just hope it doesn't continue to get crazier and crazier on a daily basis like it has been. Crazy ice storms in Texas. Cold, hot, cold, hurricane, cold, hot and cold in my state. I'd like to be able track this stuff better but I think it's only going to get harder to keep up with what it's doing.
  • Mar 28, 2021 02:58 PM
    Last: 1yr

    I found an interesting article today talking about what happens if you miss your second vaccine dose. It was pretty plain and simple that it's not that big of a deal to be a few days late on your second dose. The CDC says that you should obviously make it a priority to get it asap (within the bounds of when you should), but you technically can miss your second pfizer dose by a little bit. CDC says that you can get your second dose by up to 6 weeks after the first dose, for both the pfizer and moderna shots.

    Just wanted to put this out there since it's not always easy meeting the specific intervals they give you.

  • Feb 13, 2021 03:48 PM
    Last: 1yr
    Just wanted to echo this again for all the healthcare workers out there that are now making sure that everyone gets their vaccine. You're awesome!!
  • Mar 23, 2021 12:00 PM
    Last: 1yr
    Oumuamua has intrigued me from the moment I saw it. The mystery behind it so so fascinating. I don't understand how they could possibly think that it's from a Pluto like planet being that we only briefly saw it and didn't get to study it whatsoever.
  • Mar 24, 2021 02:15 PM
    Last: 1yr
    I love these enormous telescopes. The engineering that goes into them is insane and what they capture is beyond me. Hopefully this one doesn't have any design issues so it can stay in use.
  • Mar 23, 2021 03:22 PM
    Last: 1yr
    North Carolina just announced it'll be open for all adults in less than 2 weeks.
  • Mar 24, 2021 05:45 PM
    Last: 2yr
    I saw this earlier today too. How awesome is that! Imagine going back and being able to tell them that a piece of that plane would be on Mars. Incredible.
  • Mar 24, 2021 04:20 PM
    Last: 1yr

    I was at the pharmacy earlier picking up a couple things when the pharmacist told me this. He said that they've been getting more vaccine shipments every two weeks and they usually have quite a bit leftover after getting everyone vaccinated that registered for it there. That took me by surprise that there'd be any left at all. I'd think that those vaccines would have people attached to them as soon as they possibly could. I'm sure he only told me this because I'm a regular at that particular store and I know him well enough, but he said they have leftover vaccine so often after getting others their doses that he's just been calling people in his registry to ask if they want it. That's really nice of him.

    So if you are looking for the vaccine and don't know where to go, it's worth it to give your local pharmacies a call to see if they have any leftover vaccines in stock.

  • Mar 20, 2021 04:26 PM
    Last: 2yr
    Wow! That video looks like it glitter or metallic paint in water. Makes you think about our galaxy and everything around us.
  • Mar 21, 2021 05:11 PM
    Last: 2yr
    There's alot of people in this situation right now. We're so close to being able to visit family and stuff again without worrying about it.