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  • Best Ways to Watch Meteor Showers
    Space debris from orbiting comets light up our night sky on a regular basis, year round. Happens every time the Earth's orbit overlaps with a comet's orbit, to be exact. This looks like fireworks to us, a shower of meteors, and is one of the coolest celestial events we can witness many times a year. Here's how to reliably watch all of them.
  • Why Wearing A Mask Is Important
    "You know it's true… Every disaster movie begins with a scientist being ignored." - Neil deGrasse Tyson.To expand further, he said that there comes a time where the public needs to listen to scientists, and that all the world is not a debate on how you feel about things.
  • How to Prepare for a Hurricane
    Hurricanes have always been known to be extremely powerful in nature. They can be devastating and very unpredictable when it comes to where and when they will travel and how long they will affect an area. Now hurricanes are getting more powerful in recent years and science suggest they will continue on this path.
  • Diet, Exercise, Rest, Repeat: Simple Rules For a Healthy Immune System
    An easy way to think of your immune system is by looking at it as your body’s personal army of protectors against foreign invaders. For those of us who don’t have compromised immune systems that require the help of medical professionals, a few simple things can go a long way towards helping you build and maintain a healthy immune system: diet, exercise, rest, repeat.
  • Watching Comets: 18 Super Helpful Tips
    Spotting a comet in the night sky isn't always as simple as going outside and looking up. Some comets on rare occasion can be seen pretty easily with the naked eye. But most of the time it takes some knowledge of the night sky, seeking out ideal viewing conditions and using the right equipment, and maybe even using some unorthodox techniques to really see what all the fuss is about.

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