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Military doctor giving shot to service member. Military doctor giving shot to service member. By: Senior Airman Areca Wilson

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Get the Vaccine | Protect Yourself & Get VaccinatedGet the Vaccine | Protect Yourself & Get Vaccinated
Timeline, availability & distribution rollout guide on when you are eligible to get it, where to get it, which vaccines to take and how to successfully register and get a shot.

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Vaccine AppointmentsGet an AppointmentRegister with your state to get the shot
Getting the VaccineLearn more about how to get the vaccine
Vaccine EligibilityAge & risk eligibility requirements
Which One to Take?Discuss the wide range of options on which shot to get
Vaccine EffectivenessEarly trials report 90-95% effectiveness
Side EffectsDiscuss concerns about potential short-term and long-term side effects
Latest News & UpdatesGet the latest vaccine news and updates

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