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Solar activity

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    Solar activity has a huge impact on our technology. Our technology in space, to our technology on the ground, historical evidence shows the vulnerability of modern technology when confronted with high energy particles, a by-product of space weather events. Equally important is to remember that space weather has a global footprint, thus the damage is felt worldwide rather than local, much like an outbreak. Impact on satellites, aviation, power grid, navigation and communication systems have all been previously documented. As far as I know, scientists are going to make some mission where they are about to observe solar activity to be prepared. The SWIMMR programme. The four year programme (2019-2023) is focusing on reducing the potential radiation hazards of space weather to satellites and aviation operations, mitigating potential space weather effects on communication and global positioning, as well as diminishing the potential risks of space weather to electric power distribution. Furthermore, the funding is part of the Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF), which guarantees that the UKRI’s investment is in accordance with governmental priorities.