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This Graph Shows Number Vaccinated In Your State

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    I just read that the total number of people vaccinated so far is just about 27 million, or 6.7 percent the population of the U.S. And even though that's a great number, it's still nowhere close to where we need to be. We won't start seeing a major difference until that number is at least 150 million plus. And I feel a whole lot better about our being able to even achieve that number with the new administration. I'm thinking (and very much hoping) that we hit the current goal of 100 million vaccines administered in Biden's first 100 days in office. But in the meantime, I'm keeping a close eye on my state's numbers to see how we're doing with the process so far.

    I found this cool graph that NPR is using to show how many people in each state has gotten the vaccine. The chart seems to show the amount overall instead of breaking it down into one particular vaccine like the Moderna or Pfizer like I've seen many other places do. It's much more helpful to see the total number than just one or the other. It also states that the CDC says it's numbers may have up to a 5 day lag in reporting. Looks like they update the chart every other day with the new numbers.

    If you click on the "show more" link at the bottom of the first chart you can see your state with it's total vaccinated numbers, how efficient they are at administering and percentage of people that have gotten both doses of vaccine (if applicable).

    My state of NC is only right around the 7% mark. How's your state doing?

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    Good chart, thanks for the info.

    Texas is currently at 6.5%. Of course that's only for the first of two doses, so Texas' pop % that have the full 2 doses is only 1.6%. And that's the same as the US population. Looking at it that way, we have a LONG ways to go.

    Hurry up, Johnson and Johnson.

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    Cosmic Kid Wrote:

    Hurry up, Johnson and Johnson.

    Here, here.
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    Like the #s for doses administered vs doses distributed vs % doses used. Basically how effective each state is at administration vs supply on hand. Seems the denser pop states are having a little tougher time of things.

    The best states right now are:

    West Virginia, New Mexico, North Dakota, Utah, Montana and South Carolina - all in the 80-90+%.

    In contrast the most populated states of Texas, Cali and New York are at 75%, 65% and 71%.

    So far we are 59% - 96% effective at admin. according to this. Is interesting to look at. No state is doing absolutely terrible but almost all have run for improvement. Whatever Utah is doing, either other state should copy. 96%.