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How to Quarantine Before & After Travelling

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    This has been a pretty big topic lately. Even though there's a ton of reasons one should be cancelling their plans and staying at home right now, there's still what we all consider essential trips to take. People still have to travel for work and family reasons every single day. No amount of restrictions will change that. So instead what we all have to do in the meantime is choose our travels wisely, and make sure to quarantine when you get where you're going. It can all get a little overwhelming and alot to keep up with, but I figured I'd post what I know and see if anyone else has any tips of their own.

    Before going to visit family or friends I try to avoid these things:

    Going to large gatherings/restaurants/parties
    Taking public transportation
    Social distance as much as possible
    Try to avoid those who don't live you with for a couple weeks before travelling as well.
    Wash your hands as much as possible
    Wear a mask at all times when leaving the house

    When I get back from the trip I do all of these things, but am a bit more strict about it. If I decided to travel for whatever reason, I'm the one responsible for protecting others when I get back. I always make sure I had enough food and whatnot stored for a couple weeks so I can quarantine after the trip. This also means making sure not to plan anything with anyone for the same amount of time too.

    It's important to remember that all of these things still need to be done diligently even though more and more people are getting their shots every day now. Does anyone have any other helpful tips to add to the list? There's so many little things to think of here and there that it can be pretty easy to forget something.

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    Yeah it can be pretty hard to keep track. I actually keep a little list with me now that reminds me to wash my hands, use purell, etc as much as I can. There's also all the new restrictions for a bunch of places now to keep in mind. If you're travelling out of the country I recommend looking up what they are before planning on anything for sure.
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    Great breakdown. I wonder, once you come back, do you think it would be a good idea to wear a mask even when you're home and around those who live with you. At least for a few days maybe?
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    To be most safe about it, at least 10 day quarantining before and after is best. That's certainly not doable for a lot of people though, especially if you are an essential worker. Good list.
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    Still think it isn't safe to go on vacation though. I would only travel if I absolutely had to.