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chemistry labs of the future (almost) entirely run by AI and robots

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    Chemistry labs of the future are trending heavily toward being almost entirely run and operated by AI and machines. I don't just mean for the grunt work, I mean for basically everything.

    From modeling experiments to designing new compounds, to synthesizing and evaluating the result and interpreting the data. That's almost the entirety of what a chemist does!

    They are calling it 'looped intelligence' and basically it's the entire scientific method, all run by AI.

    So where will humans fit in, if labs go this route? Well they will still be the ones (in theory and for now) setting the overall objectives and then ultimately doing the final stage of 'understanding' of what the AI has created, but the vast majority will be done by very precise machinery and AI powered, computer learning software that adapts and gets better and smarter and more creative the more time in the lab it gets. Very cool, and as always a little scary.

    Basically this could speed up the rate of discovery for new chemical compounds exponentially, ones that could cure cancer or aging, or any number of things in maybe the not-too-distant future. We aren't there yet but perhaps super close.

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    Part of this really excites me and an equal part of it terrifies me.