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The 'Seaspiracy' documentary

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    I just finished watching the new Netflix documentary Seaspiracy. It's about a man who sets out to make a documentary about one thing, but ends up finding out some really bad truths about humans over fishing habits. I don't want to get into blaming any countries or anything like that. I was just wanting to see if anyone's watched it yet and what you think about it. In a nutshell, humans are egregiously over fishing our oceans. We're almost at a tipping point that's going to completely damage the ocean forever.

    I'll also say that the documentary was pretty sensationalized. The guy that made it really liked to make it seem like he was in danger at certain times when you could clearly see he wasn't. Also some of his numbers and data he refers to may or may not be true. One thing is true though and we've known it for a good while. We're definitely over fishing our oceans and hurting animals that live there.

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    I'm glad someone posted about this. I actually watched it last night and came across with pretty similar thoughts.

    Part of it really concerned me and reinforced a lot of the worries I've had about the human impact on not just our oceans, but all water on the globe, but I have to admit I didn't really like the "narrator" on a personal level.

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    I've been a little interested to watch this but I keep hearing its got a lot of inaccuracies and misleading info in it, much like one of the vegan docs I watched on Netflix a few years back. Almost feel like if you watch this its only a spring board to get you into the topic, where you first have to fact check all the info in this film, and then dive into the facts and fictions yourself. In that sense it does shine a light on topic, but in another I just wish some documentaries were more honest.