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Is Time Travel Possible?

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    Share your thoughts on time travel. Think it's possible, or do you think Science has already proven it impossible? Many argue traveling BACKWARDS in time is impossible because of paradox issues, among other things. Bootstrap. Grandfather. Predestination. Etc.

    But the theoretical possibility is still left upon for FUTURE time travel. And maybe even traveling back in time, if we can solve quantum gravity and just understand the nature of reality better. Not to mention multiple worlds and multiple dimensions.. that's the camp I fall into.

    You don't have to post heady equations here, just your intuition, thoughts, what movies/books/TV shows you think nailed it the best, made you think it was possible/not, cool quotes from physicists, other time paradoxes that break your brain... whatever you got, for or against.

    Einstein - "People like us who believe in physics know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. Time, in other words, he said, is an illusion. Many physicists since have shared this view, that true reality is timeless."

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    Nice one! I think about this subject a lot. Although, I am in the camp that it's impossible. Or at least in the classic/linear way that you see in Back to the Future. If it is possible, Marty would have never quite made it back to his original time line, perhaps not make it back to a timeline relating to his at all. At best, he could have bounced around in the ball of string like on Quantum Leap.

    They've already proven that we cannot teleport because our body would have to be broken down molecularity and pieced back together, which would biologically kill us. I have a feeling this would sort of apply to time travel as well.

    A movie that I think nailed it perhaps, or at least on the subject of relativity of time would be Interstellar.

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    Underrated movie to check out:

    A handful of movies break my brain. This was one of them.