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We could build cities in the lava tubes on the moon and Mars

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    I was reading something where it said that the lava tubes on both the moon and Mars may be big enough to build a city inside of. Now that's a thought. We've entertained ideas on how to live on the surface of both the moon and Mars, and perhaps this is a better solution. I was thinking that since there isn't much of an atmosphere on either, that building underneath the surface would be better insulation from solar radiation, which has been one concern for extended human exploration.

    They say that lava tubes on Earth can be as big as 30 to 100 feet in diameter, but scientists think they could be big enough to house the Empire State Building on Mars.

    If that sounds big, consider the moon, where its even lower gravity produces a tube up to 1000 times larger than Earth’s — much taller than the massive Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai.

    I think I've seen this in a movie somewhere, but I can't recall it. Does everyone else think this is practical? I can't imagine a tunnel underground being so big.

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    That's amazing and something I have never considered or even heard about. I think this makes a ton of intuitive sense and was happy to read the article addressed the possible issue of these tubes collapsing:

    "What is most important is that, despite the impressive dimension of the lunar tubes, they remain well within the roof stability threshold,” stated Matteo Massironi, a planetary geologist at the University of Padua who co-authored the study. The models indicate, he added, that most of the lava tubes remain intact and very stable, meaning there is little chance of an underground collapse. (Besides which, we can assume future moon engineers would be happy to provide some support structure for extra safety.)

    That was my first thought - how stable can these tubes be if they were carved via lava?

    We might very well have the answer here for initial colonization. Of both the moon and eventually Mars. Still many years away, but the potential certainly seems viable. Will make the upcoming trips to the moon and Mars even more interesting, to see what data they come back with about these tubes. I wanna see pics.

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    It's super cool to think there's massive lava tubes both underneath the earths surface and moon. I wonder how we could use that to our advantage once we set up post on the moon. I'm sure people will think of some way to use all that power.